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PROPERTY SCOUTS is refreshingly, for this trade, named by what it actually does. We are property search agents.

We find all manner of Real Estate for investors, own users and portfolios. Examples are Homes, Embassies, Shops, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Restaurants, Institutional or communal buildings, Vacant sites, or indeed any other use. We cover the entire United Kingdom.

This is a bespoke service. Our minimum instruction is $5 million or equivalent.

 We have two simple philosophies:

We act with ethics and honesty, regardless of whether or not a situation is dictated by law.

We take instructions on a sole acquisition rights basis, but we believe that a client should have maximum exposure, and unlike other agents, if it's in our client's interest, we will, liaise with other firms of standing. However, you only pay us. Whilst this seriously reduces our net fee, we find our approach trusted and we build our business on recommendation. Here, the client's interest comes first. Confidentiality is congenital to us.

We do not take on more work that we can comfortably handle. Each of our people aims to deal with no more than a few clients at any one time.

We have developed special procedures for foreign clients that put them at ease - try us. We can deal with French, Spanish Italian and a variety of Middle East dialects.

Please email us the following information:

  • Name and Address
  • Landline/mobile/fax number
  • Type of acquisition or your investment profile in a few words



The legal systems have different usages - we can help you with this.